30 Before 30

I was inspired by a friend (who still has an entire year to complete one of these) to make a list of 30 things I want to do by the time I turn 30.

  1. Use my Caribou volunteer hours (I have 16 of them!)
  2. Give a MOH speech 
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Tour Wabasha Street Caves Done as of 1/7
  5. Visit a psychic
  6. Move out
  7. Get an N64
  8. Read a novel for fun (college really ruined reading for me)
  9. Picnic dinner at Music at the Park
  10. Paint a painting with a Bob Ross episode
  11. Get portraits with Watson
  12. Get a massage (or two) Done as of 1/3
  13. Stop biting my nails
  14. Schedule a trip to LA
  15. Find a non-service industry job
  16. Go to a bottomless mimosa brunch
  17. Take a class- art, cooking, hobby of some sort
  18. Treat my mom to a night out
  19. Learn how to drive stick- if I can find a car to do it in!
  20. Blog at least twice a month
  21. Visit Lizzy in Mankato
  22. Use and develop a roll of film
  23. Attend improv
  24. Enjoy 24 hours of no electronics
  25. Make it one whole month remembering to stretch every morning
  26. Whiten my teeth
  27. Go a whole week without eating out- snacks included!
  28. Learn my blood type
  29. Learn to make a ramen egg
  30. Get my email inbox to 0

I have a good start on a lot of these things. I had to make decisions based on things I could get done in 5 months, but it was a good way to set goals for myself. So here it is, nothing special, but I hope I’m able to keep you updated (its number 20!) on my progress!


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